Lyryx with Open Texts for Mathematics & Statistics

Lyryx was born in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Calgary. Mathematics is a passion at Lyryx and we are proud to provide high quality Open Educational Resources (OER) to support mathematics education. Our editorial team develops and maintains open textbooks and supplements, making them available to anyone at no cost. 

For those instructors adopting the online homework, Lyryx provides editorial and support services throughout their course. The online homework can be made available with FREE access in campus computer labs, and has a nominal fee ($39.95) for the convenience of working elsewhere. This is our only method of sustaining our goal of providing students with affordable and quality educational materials and support. 

Calculus: Early Transcendentals

Lyryx Learning, based on original textbook by D. Guichard

Calculus: Early Transcendentals, originally by D. Guichard, has been redesigned by the Lyryx editorial team. Substantial portions of the content, examples, and diagrams have been redeveloped, with additional contributions provided by experienced and practicing instructors. This approachable textbook provides a comprehensive understanding of the necessary techniques and concepts of the typical Calculus course sequence, and is suitable for the standard Calculus I, II and III courses.

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Linear Algebra with Applications

W. Keith Nicholson

Linear Algebra with Applications by. W. Keith Nicholson, traditionally published for many years is now being released as an open educational resource and part of Lyryx with Open Texts! Supporting today’s students and instructors requires much more than a textbook, which is why Dr. Nicholson opted to work with Lyryx Learning.

Overall, the aim of the textbook is…

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A First Course in Linear Algebra

Lyryx Learning, based on original textbook by K. Kuttler

A First Course in Linear Algebra, originally by K. Kuttler, has been redesigned by the Lyryx editorial team as a first course for the general students who have an understanding of basic high school algebra and intend to be users of linear algebra methods in their profession, from business & economics to science students.

All major topics of linear algebra are…

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Lyryx Learning is an OpenStax Partner. We join OpenStax in the mission to improve access to affordable educational materials by providing additional resources for OpenStax books. OpenStax is committed to providing free, peer-reviewed, textbook content and offering multiple options for faculty who need additional resources for their course.