Open Textbooks & Supplements


Open licensed, freely available

Lyryx publishes textbooks and supplements with Creative Commons open licenses, available with free access to everyone, and with a variety of permissions to adapt the material. We work closely with authors and subject matter experts to develop and maintain this high-quality content while also collaborating with the community by welcoming contributions or feedback.

Lyryx offers editorial services for those courses using its software, including implementing adaptations of the content.

Lyryx also provides its educational software to support other creators of open content such as Openstax.


Open Textbooks & Supplements

  • Open textbooks and supplements are examples of open educational resources (OER); these are tools that are available to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute. OER are part of a movement that is leading the way in education. These resources are not just about cost savings and easy access to content; they’re also about collaboration and co-creation.
  • We have a variety of instructor and student supplements available including slides (PowerPoint or Beamer), solution manuals, and videos. Please see specific product pages for more information

Editorial Services

  • Lyryx works with experienced content experts to ensure our open textbooks and supplements are current and of the highest quality. We continually incorporate suggestions for improvements and welcome feedback
  • The Lyryx editorial team supports you in preparing materials for your course. We can customize material as needed and ensure that you have all the materials needed for your course.


  • Our open textbooks and supplements are available in a variety of formats including PDF, HTML, ePub, PowerPoint, and LaTeX. They can be downloaded at no cost and kept forever.
  • Source files are available upon request.


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