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Anna Vershynina

University of Houston

“I liked the fact that students instantly got their grades and point-to-point explanations on the problems. On average they improved by 30% on every problem on the second try. Which means finally we have a homework system that teaches students the material well. I especially find useful the statistics part of the system, where you see how students did on average on every problem for every homework. This makes it easier for me to decide which problems need to be assigned for a second time or on a test. The open-access book is written very good, and the slides Lyryx shared with me are very helpful as a backup for a class or when I need someone to substitute for me. I am actively promoting this system on our department and several professors are interested in using it in the near future. I will definitely be using this system myself in the future. I only wish there were more courses on Lyryx.”

Carolyn Nelson

Coffeyville Community College

This semester is going well.  I have noticed a remarkable improvement in the students learning and analytical ability with your homework exercises and problems.  Up until now,  I have stayed away from automated homework systems because I feel the student needs to work through the steps to understand the process.  With your automated exercises and problems, I see the students wanting to work the problems many times and they like the immediate feedback.  They are actually enjoying the challenge!

I also like the exercises and problems at the end of the chapters to help enhance the chapter lecture.

Overall I am very, pleased.

Deborah Wilson

Selkirk College

“Selkirk College made the decision to switch to Lyryx Open Text for our Introduction to Financial Accounting course this year. Reason: it’s a free download or a very low-priced hard copy. School fees keep mounting for students and we want to help out any way we can. It’s a lot of work for an instructor to switch texts, but worth the effort.

I have been especially pleased with the new Lyryx Open Text for this course. With all the solutions available on the free download version, it has saved me time. I don’t have to post solutions after each class, as the students can look them up themselves. The PowerPoint slides have been very clear and helpful. I’ve found that there are more slides than I actually need. It’s easy to skip the “extras” and go right to the ones I find most useful, that I can speak to. As always, the Lyryx assignments are a wonderful tool for helping students learn the concepts from class. The instant feedback and ability to repeat questions is extremely helpful. I have had great support from the Lyryx Learning team. I know there’s a group of people working on my behalf to make this transition to a new text as smooth as possible.”

Jim Bailey

College of the Rockies

“I am sure that you are aware that I am trying to put the big textbook publishers out of business. I had a student tell me today that she spent $200 on a used copy of a physics textbook. Publishers are quite open that they have a three year cycle: they put out a new edition every three years; I have looked at the changes which they have made and they are cosmetic, but make it difficult for a student to use the old edition. They are also not interested in errata—new editions come out with the same errors.

Compare this with Lyryx: free texts if you are willing to read them on your computer, very reasonably priced print versions if you prefer that, reasonably priced online formative assessment (I think that Pearson charges about $120 for Mastering Engineering), and problems are immediately dealt with.

So much for my rant against the big publishers. Keep up the great work!”

Ron Bianchi

Vanier College

 “We found that student engagement with the subject matter was increased substantially”

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