The Lyryx Model


Lyryx with Open Texts

“Education transforms lives!” (1) Lyryx is proud to support this global educational development and social responsibility framework by offering affordable and accessible educational material. Our open textbooks are available worldwide at no cost to the user, and are enhanced by affordable educational software that facilitates course delivery by supporting instructors in their assessment, and assisting students in their mastery of the material. Additionally, Lyryx provides comprehensive editorial services and dedicated in-house support to ensure seamless integration of the material within the course itself.

We believe that well-designed educational software, in our case, online homework and examinations, is an important part of the learning process as it provides an opportunity for students to practice and receive immediate, targeted feedback. Instructors’ time is also freed from creating/ grading assessments, allowing them to focus on the cognitive and social aspects of learning.

Recognizing that the open materials are offered for free, software licensing revenues are used to sustain this model. See “Pricing” for details on the cost of our online homework and examination platform.


Open Textbooks and Supplements

Lyryx publishes open textbooks and supplements with Creative Commons open licenses, available with free access to everyone, and enabling a variety of permissions to adapt the material.

The Lyryx editorial group works closely with authors and subject matter experts to develop and maintain high-quality content while also collaborating with the community by welcoming contributions.

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Educational Software

Lyryx develops educational software to support student learning and course assessment.

The Lyryx online homework and examinations platform provides instructors with all the tools necessary to manage their course assessment. The Lyryx problems are designed by experienced instructors, and the Lyryx marking algorithms capture their expertise to analyze and assess students’ work, looking for common errors, consistent mistakes through multi-part questions, and arithmetic errors, to provide instant and informative personalized feedback.

Lyryx enhances the texts with interactive activities in all electronic formats to encourage students in reading and learning course material. In addition, Lyryx is developing and currently piloting a mobile application specifically designed for this purpose.

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Lyryx provides support 7 days / week to ensure seamless and effective integration and use of Lyryx material.

The Lyryx support team assists instructors in getting their courses ready and remains available throughout to provide prompt and efficient assistance. At the same time, the team will assist students in an efficient manner so they can focus on learning the material.

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Revenues from software licensing are used to ensure the sustainable development of high-quality open content, effective educational software, and prompt, dedicated support to our adopters.

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