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Facilitating secure online exams with Lyryx and OpenStax

Since the recent rapid transition to online teaching, we know many instructors have faced the daunting task of coordinating and executing online exams. In this webinar, Lyryx and our partner OpenStax heard a professor’s first-hand experience pivoting to online exam delivery this past spring, with guidelines and best practices for those wanting to similarly transition their courses while maintaining academic integrity. The webinar also includes a brief demo of Lyryx Learning, an online homework platform that provides a solution for handling exams.


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Using Lyryx with OpenStax Accounting

Lyryx and OpenStax hosted an informative webinar showcasing our low-cost online homework system and how it can be used in conjunction with OpenStax’s free accounting textbooks.

The webinar featured information about how the online homework helps students master the material, as opposed to simply assessing the student’s competency. We illustrate how the system utilizes intelligent grading to carefully analyze each answer and deliver immediate personalized formative feedback. We also showcase that each question is truly randomized in a way that encourages learning by leading students to rethink a given problem multiple times.

Date: March 9th, 2020

Time: 12am MDT

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Are Your Students #TextbookBroke? OER can Help!

Lyryx hosted an informative webinar about the issue of affordability in higher education and how OER is helping to combat the problem. With the assistance of an OER all-star panel, our aim was to increase OER awareness, access and adoption.

Informative and interactive, the webinar featured information about the issue of affordability, OER and OER-related support services working to limit this barrier to higher education. The panel included student and instructor OER advocates, as well as representatives from BCcampus, Campus Manitoba, eCampusOntario and OpenStax. Time for questions and discussion with the panel was included at the end.

Lyryx invited provosts, members of student organizations, librarians, instructors, students, and those looking to learn more about OER to attend.

Date: September 25th, 2019

Time: 11am-12pm MDT.

To view the recording of the webinar, simply press play on the video!