Online homework FREE from campus labs!

'Free Lab' Option

In our ongoing effort to facilitate access to educational material for students, Lyryx provides a Free Lab option for all online homework. With Free Lab, students can complete their online homework at no charge when they do so from assigned computer labs on campus. Students can thus have access to all their course material at no cost!

Free Lab FAQ

How does Free Lab work?
It’s simple! Lyryx works with the instructor/ institution to obtain the IP addresses of computers in campus labs and then sets up  the individual course(s) so that students accessing their online homework from these computers can do so at no charge.

Does Free Lab require any physical set up required in the computer labs?
There is no physical set up or software installation required, nor is there any set up cost for the institution.

What if a student wants to go from free access to paid (unlimited) access?
If a student has registered with Free Lab, but later decides they want to complete their homework from home, work, etc., they simply log in to their same Lyryx account from a computer outside the campus labs. They will then be prompted to purchase a full registration and benefit from the convenience of unlimited access.

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