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Online homework and examinations for student practice and assessment

Many subjects are learned by doing, and Lyryx offers formative online homework and summative examinations based on key principles of learning such as :

  • a high challenge, low threat learning environment
  • Immediate feedback
  • Rich learning environment
  • Opportunity for mastery of concepts

The homework problems are designed by experienced instructors, and the Lyryx algorithm captures their experience to analyze and assess students’ work by looking for common errors, consistent mistakes through multi-part questions, and arithmetic errors to provide instant and informative personalized feedback. Students are then encouraged to try again on similar, randomized problems, but only their best grade is recorded. We believe this is an important pedagogical element designed to encourage students to learn and master the material.


In addition, Lyryx offers a summative online examination area, incorporating all the necessary functionality for this purpose. This includes setting start and end dates/times, duration, as well as options to grant extensions and special requirements to specific students. While not a proctoring system, the Lyryx platform has features to monitor various unusual student activity during the examination.

Lyryx online assessment is currently available on all mobile devices. Moreover, we are currently piloting a mobile application specifically designed to encourage students in reading and learning course material. Let us know if you and your students are interested in joining the pilot!

Authentic Questions & Marking

  • Lyryx develops genuine question and answer formats appropriate for the subject.
  • Devised from the expertise of instructors, marking algorithms carefully analyze student answers and personalized formative feedback is immediately provided to guide their learning.
  • Question banks are regularly updated by our content experts and feedback received from instructors and students is integrated.

Positive Learning Environment

  • Students are awarded partial marks reflecting their efforts.
  • Partial marks are also awarded for “consistent” answers; an answer that is incorrect but is correctly deduced from, or consistent with, a previous answer.
  • Students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and re-attempt questions; each time only having better marks recorded.

Instructor Tools

Lyryx features all tools necessary to manage your online homework and examinations, including:

  • Assignment editor – Whether creating homework or examinations, the editor has the tools and parameters to customize your assignments.
  • Gradebook – Define custom weighting for your assessment grades, and view marked assignments for each student.
  • Course Analytics – View class performance data at the question level, and identify learning deficits and areas for review.

LMS Integration

To ensure seamless and secure access for instructors and students, Lyryx supports the Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) protocol. With one-time set up, this integration means more time spent teaching and learning and less with course management.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – SSO permits students and instructors to access Lyryx’s platform from a portal within your LMS – no additional username or passwords required.
  • Gradebook Integration – Allows for all assignments to be incorporated into the LMS grade book and real-time updating of students grades.

LMS platforms include, but not limited to: Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, Canvas, etc.

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