Lyryx is committed to responsible business practices that positively impact the higher education community.

Lyryx is focused on providing substantial cost savings to students by promoting the utilization of open source textbooks in higher education, developing corresponding affordable, high quality online homework products, and offering comprehensive support services.


Open Educational Resources (OER)

Lyryx is strengthening OER by developing a sustainable financial model for the continuous improvement of quality open materials. We work with educators, subject matter experts, and students to create and edit OER which are freely available to all. To support this mission, we develop and provide value-added services for affordable fees; high-quality online homework, instructor and student support, technical support, and editorial services. Click to learn more about the movement that is OER.

Community Involvement

Lyryx OER Champion campaign  The Lyryx OER Champion campaign was established to celebrate the efforts and successes of instructors working to adopt, adapt and develop open educational resources (OER) in conjunction with Lyryx. This campaign will run every year from January to March. Read more about OER Champions here.

Association for Women in Mathematics – Lyryx is proud to be a sponsor for Student Chapter of the Association for Women at the University of Calgary (AWM) and the University of Toronto ( The AWM is a student-run nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of women contributions in mathematics, inspiring young women to pursue mathematics sciences, and supporting an inclusive mathematics environment.

Cost Savings for Students

Lyryx is committed to making course materials more accessible and affordable to students. By supporting the use of free, open textbooks that can be paired with high-quality, affordable online homework products, Lyryx helps to reduce the overall cost of higher education and increase accessibility to resources from the first day of classes.

'Free Lab' Option

In our ongoing effort to facilitate access to educational material for students, Lyryx provides a Free Lab option for all online homework. With Free Lab, students are able to complete their online homework at no charge when they do so from assigned computer labs on campus. Students can thus have access to all their course material at no cost!

Free Lab involves no cost to students or their institution, and there is no physical setup of any kind required. Further, if a student later decides they want to complete their homework from home, work or anywhere else, they simply log into their Lyryx account from one of those places and pay for the convenience of unlimited access.

Contributions of Authors

Lyryx acknowledges the contributions of authors: A share of revenues is returned to authors and content experts in exchange for adapting the content to the needs of individual schools, and creating the supplementary materials.