About Lyryx with Open Texts for Mathematics.

Hear from Dr. Claude Laflamme, math professor at the University of Calgary and Lyryx founder and president, about Lyryx with Open Texts for mathematics.


“Our ongoing vision at Lyryx is to continue advancing learning through technology.”

– Dr. Claude Laflamme


Linear Algebra

Linear algebra was Lyryx’s very first online assessment product, so selecting OERs to pair with the software was a no-brainer. “A First Course in Linear Algebra” by K. Kuttler was an existing open textbook redesigned by Lyryx to suit current first-year courses. W. Keith Nicholson’s “Linear Algebra with Applications” was traditionally published in Canada for many years before being released as an open textbook to be paired with Lyryx online assessment.



With the goal of making Calculus course materials more accessible to students, Lyryx redesigned, made considerable contributions to, and developed online assessment for “Calculus: Early Transcendentals”, an open textbook from D. Guichard. The “Calculus I, II, and III” open textbooks from OpenStax are also supported with online assessment from Lyryx.


Business Math

Written for the needs of a 21st century student, “Business Math: A Step-by-Step Handbook” by J.P. Olivier was also slated for traditional publishing when the author opted to secure the copyright and release it as an open textbook to be paired with Lyryx online assessment.



“Introductory Statistics” from OpenStax was another of Lyryx’s early products. Building on experience with online assessments for introductory statistics courses, Lyryx was easily able to transition existing educational software to suit this open textbook, as well as make some adjustments to also pair with “Introductory Business Statistics” from OpenStax.