Extensive open materials to enhance your course!

Instructor Supplements

  • Demo questions to use as a teaching tool
  • Multiple Choice question bank
  • Hard-copy exercises, and solutions to selected exercises
  • Beamer slides (available with Mathematics products): TeX slides aligned to the selected content, which are fully customizable for your classroom.
  • Powerpoint slides (available with Economics and Introduction to Financial Accounting products), also fully customizable
  • Short videos: illustrating main concepts (Financial Accounting product); and providing instruction on how to use Lyryx tools (Calculus product)
  • Supplements continue to be developed: note that at this time, not all supplements are available with all products.

Student Supplements

  • Answers to selected exercise questions are provided within the textbook.
  • Students have access to a personalized student performance indicator that identifies strengths and weaknesses based on course concepts. The indicator also provides additional practice questions based on each topic covered in the course, allowing students to focus on mastering or reinforcing a particular concept.