Adapted to your course and freely distributed to students!

Open Textbooks

  • Open textbooks are Open Educational Resources (OER); these are tools and practices that are open, freely accessible and can be fully used, shared and adapted in the digital environment. But OER is so much more than tools, OER is a movement; a movement that is leading the way in education.  OER is not just about cost savings to students and easy access to content; it’s about collaboration and co-creation. It’s about a community of educators that believe in the value of systemic change; educators that provide their students with an opportunity to engage with effective technologies for learning.
  • Open textbooks are licensed under a Creative Commons license, made available to be freely used by students and instructors.

Editorial Services

  • Lyryx provides editorial services to adapt the content and provide custom editions for your course. Tell us what you want and we make it happen.
  • The content of these adaptations can be from Lyryx open textbooks, open content available elsewhere, or even from course notes developed by you.
  • Contributions and revisions are acknowledged in all textbooks adapted by Lyryx.

Editorial services available:

  1. Customizing one of our existing open textbooks to match your course outline and specific pedagogical needs, including:
  • Developing new content or integrating existing CC licensed material
  • Reordering content where possible
  • Removing content not covered in your course
  • Verifying content dependencies
  • Notation preferences
  • Custom cover page
  • Free digital access and affordable print options suited to your needs
  1. Other editorial services available include:
  • Incorporating and developing suggestions for improvements, new content, or errata
  • Formatting and proofreading all material
  • Content development, research, and Creative Commons licensing
  • Adapting material to be offered in PDF, print, HTML, and ePub formats


  • Open textbooks can be downloaded by students at no cost, or printed by students with no restrictions.
  • For instructors that wish to modify the textbooks themselves, the original TeX source files are available for free.


  • Instructors and Students experience a quality online textbook that has been vetted for excellence.
  • Open textbooks are continually updated and revised to ensure quality.