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Lyryx combines free open textbooks with affordable high quality online homework, comprehensive editorial services, and dedicated in-house support.

Lyryx works directly with instructors to adapt the resources to meet their needs: This includes editing the textbook, assisting with creating assignments, customizing supplements, and providing ongoing support through the duration of the course.






With the adoption of our online homework, our editorial team works directly with you to adapt the textbook and customize the supplements to fit your needs. We adapt the resources to fit your course — No need to adapt your course to fit the resources!

Lyryx offers solutions for a wide range of course models, from small class sizes to large enrollment classes and multi-section courses. We can work directly with a course coordinator to provide course content consistent across sections, while at the same time providing access for the instructors and TA’s to the work of the students in their individual sections.



Textbooks: Access to the free, Lyryx-supported open textbooks is available from our website as well as from within the user’s Lyryx account.

Support: In-house instructor, student, and technical support teams address your questions and concerns promptly, with care, and are available 7 days/week.

Online Homework: Lyryx offers free access to our online homework products from your institution’s computer labs. In this model, students pay only for the convenience of working from home.


The Lyryx online homework products can be paired with the corresponding free, open textbook. The assessment products include question problems that provide immediate, personalized, and formative feedback to the student. An affordable fee for these products supports their ongoing maintenance, review, updating, and further development; as well as dedicated editorial services and in-house, 7 days/ week user support.

As of the end of 2017, Lyryx has saved students $7 million versus textbook costs.

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