General "Access Denied", "Cookie", and "Not Logged In" Errors

 Access Denied, Missing Cookie, and Not Logged In errors can appear when your web browser is not sending the expected cookies to our servers that are needed to keep you logged in.  Here are the most common causes:

1. You logged out or switched to another computer

The Lyryx system only allows you to log in from one computer (or web browser on the same computer) at a time.  When you log in from a second computer, the first session is automatically logged out.  Any open labs or quizzes are invalidated and can no longer be submitted.

These errors can be corrected by simply closing all web browser windows, restarting your computer, and logging into Lyryx again.  By following this procedure you will know that your computer is in a clean state, with no leftover issues from a previous login.

2. You, or a "privacy" program, cleared your browser's cookies

If you clear your browser's cookies (part of the browser History), then your session at Lyryx is lost.  Some times privacy or "security" programs that run in the background try to help your privacy by clearing your cookies on regular intervals, or block the cookies from working at all.  If this happens while you have a lab or quiz open, then you will not be able to submit your answers for grading.

Try disabling any security programs temporarily, including any browser add-ons related to privacy or security, until you no longer see these errors.  Then you can adjust the settings in the offending program to avoid future problems.

3. Your computer has adware or spyware installed that is interfering with your browser

Some malicious programs that fall under the categories of adware or spyware will watch your web browser and modify the state of the browser in order to display ads, steal personal information, and other unwanted activities.  Often this kind of software has bugs in it that also causes sites like Lyryx to not work correctly.

Try disabling any browser add-on software.  You may also want to check your computer for unwanted programs (sometimes called PUPs), viruses, etc using a reputable anti-virus or adware removal program.  Our browser test page at will warn about some kinds of adware and has recommendations for programs to detect and clean adware.

4. General Help

Some other tips:

  • Ensure that your computer is up to date using Windows Update or the Apple updater utility
  • If registered directly at Lyryx and you have separate username/password for the Lyryx site, always visit directly in your web browser.  Avoid following links from other sites like Blackboard, D2L, or Moodle, as these sometimes wrap the Lyryx site in their own content and can cause problems.  This does not apply to students whose school system is linked directly to the Lyryx system.