Lyryx Mobile App

Lyryx Mobile App [currently in Linear Algebra courses]

App Page The Lyryx Mobile App is designed to turn reading into an engaging activity, and is available by default in all Linear Algebra courses. 

The content is presented into small blocks, or “chunks”. The foundational concepts, examples, and more complex scenarios are chunked into manageable blocks.

Each chunk contains an interactive randomized question gauging student understanding.

It provides students an opportunity to engage with that content, whether it is to learn or review the material,

Mobile App Features

  • Table of Contents specific to your course.
  • Material presented in short block “chunks”.
  • Visual coloured bar indicates progress on each topic.
  • Each chunk has an interactive question.
  • A short video will accompany each chunk (under development).
  • Student score summary and analytics.
  • Lyryx and LMS gradebook integration.


If you would like to use the native iOS or Android applications then please follow the "Mobile App Installation Information".

If you do not have the Lyryx Mobile App installed on your device, then you will access the web application on your default browser. It offers the same functionality as the native mobile application.


Register / Log In

Click the "+" button to open the "Register / Log In". This generates a login link available for 5 minutes, so you will need to refresh the page to generate a new link if needed.

Follow the link to access the Lyryx Mobile App.

Note that once the mobile app is installed on your device and you are registered, then you can access your mobile app directly. 

Make sure you are logged in so that your marks are recorded!


Your Lyryx Mobile App grade is the proportion of successfully completed questions.

This grade is available under the Analytics tab of the mobile application, and is synchronized on a regular basis (every few hours) to the Lyryx gradebook as a percentage rounded up to the nearest integer value.

It is up to your instructor to decide whether to make use of the mobile app grade as part of your overall  course grade.

The analytics page also contains a visual progress report on your performance.


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