Using a Screen Reader with Lyryx Assignments

Applies to: Lyryx Accounting ONLY

All Lyryx Accounting questions follow the HTML ARIA working draft as of June 2018.  This allows screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS, and Apple's VoiceOver software along with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer to read the structure and contents of questions in Lyryx.  We recommend using NVDA in Chrome as both are free.

The screen reader will read the position of your cursor within a spreadsheet-like input, as well as the contents of anything that you have entered or a prompt for the type of input expected when a field is blank.  Graded fields will read the contents that you entered and then tell you whether that answer was correct or incorrect.

If you have any questions or concerns about using Lyryx Accounting questions with a screen reader, please contact us at .