Keyboard Navigation and Input in Assignments

Applies to: Lyryx Accounting ONLY

In Lyryx questions you can navigate journals, financial statements, and spreadsheets similar to popular accounting and spreadsheet applications.  This page contains a summary of the keys used to navigate inside Lyryx questions.

Arrow Keys Navigate cells within a spreadsheet-like input.
Enter Edit a cell (opens the input box) or saves any changes in the active input box to its cell.
Escape Closes an input box and discards any changes.
Spacebar Edit a cell.
Tab Navigate to the next editable field on the page. Within a spreadsheet-like input this will move across the columns and down the rows. When at the last cell the focus will move to the next spreadsheet or other editable input field.

To submit the question or assignment for grading, use the Tab key to focus the Submit and Mark button, and then press Control, Shift, and U keys to submit.  To save your partial work on the question or assignment for later, use the Tab key to focus the Save and Close button, and then press Control, Shift, and A to save.

Within the Account Chooser dialog, it is possible to jump directly to an account or heading name by typing in the start of the heading.  The selected heading can be saved using Enter or the dialog can be closed without saving changes using Escape.  To clear out any existing heading in the field, press Tab to move to the Clear button and then Spacebar or Enter to clear the selected account and close the dialog.