Request Demo Course

This is for instructors to explore both an open text and the corresponding Lyryx online assessment (assignments). We will create a sample course and assign it to an account for you, which will provide you with access to the open text, the corresponding online assessment, and the instructor tools. Demo courses are not available for student registrations, thus allowing you to explore the features and tools at your convenience.

Request Active Lyryx Course

Instructors! Are you new to Lyryx, have already explored a Demo course, and now are ready to use Lyryx online homework with your class? Or, have you already used Lyryx with your class and would like to request a new course for a new semester? Active Lyryx Courses are available for student registrations, and will provide both you and your students with the open text and the corresponding online homework. We will create this active course, assign it to your instructor account, and send you the details, including student registration instructions.