Help Students learn through practice!

Authentic Questions

  • Lyryx develops genuine questions appropriate for the subject.
  • The question banks are reviewed regularly and the questions that are determined to be obsolete are removed. Feedback from instructors and students is utilized to continually improve the service provided, and our content experts are an integral part of this process, as well.

Positive Learning Environment

  • Students are awarded partial marks reflecting their efforts. Partial marks are also awarded for “consistent” answers; an answer that is incorrect but is correctly deduced from, or consistent with, a previous answer. This avoids penalizing the student again and helps them to identify exactly where the actual error was committed.
  • Students feel no threat in attempting a question again, as each time only a better mark is recorded, encouraging them to learn by practice.

Intelligent Question Generation

  • Each question instance is similar but genuinely new and randomized — encouraging learning by giving students an opportunity to rethink the problem. Students can practice questions, learn, then repeat.

Instructive & Immediate Grading Explanations

  • Student answers are carefully analyzed and personalized formative feedback is immediately provided to guide them in their learning.

Instructor Tools

  • Lyryx provides all the tools required to manage your online homework, including to create and maintain the assignments, generate student grade reports, student performance and statistical data analysis, and the ability to view marked assignments.
  • Lyryx supports the Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) protocol. As such, any LMS that implements LTI can be configured with the Lyryx platform.