The Lyryx team strives to make the adoption process as easy and seamless as possible. Our dedicated Editorial and Support teams will work with you directly to customize your text and supplements, assist in creating assignments, and provide straightforward student registration documents specific to your course. 

Once your course is up and running, the Lyryx team remains available to help you and your students at any time. Further, we welcome suggestions and contributions for the open text and new questions for the online assessment.


Open Resources: Review our open texts and supplements for course suitability.

Online Assessment: Explore our online formative assessment as an effective tool for student learning.


Select the open text that will best support student learning.

Supplements: Decide which supplements will best support course delivery.

Online Assessment: Determine whether assessment will be part of course delivery.


Should assessments be adopted, work with our Editorial team to create a custom text.
Supplements: Customize yourself, or work with our Editorial team to adapt them to your course.

Online Assessment: Choose from hundreds of individually crafted and pedagogically sound questions to create assignments that provide formative assessment to students.


Straightforward student registration documents are created (course specific) and accessed with a direct link that can be inserted into any course outline or learning management system.


Prompt and helpful email support is happily provided to instructors and students 7 days/week.