April 29, 2015 — Lyryx launches new instructor tools for Open Texts!

 New features include the ability add/remove/rename/re-order assignments, and copy assignments within a course or between a courses. The new tools remain easy to use, with a modern feel. More details are HERE.

As of January 1, 2014 - Lyryx Assessments no longer require the dependency of the Java plug-in!

 The upgrade is the result of extensive feedback from our users—students and faculty— and is designed to improve platform performance and stability, provide seamless browser integration, allow for faster loading assignments, and provide support for a variety of student devices. Click HERE for more information.

Lyryx Published in Online Education Magazine!,  July 2013

Lyryx recently published an article in the Education Magazine Online Edition (Issue 6) called Online Algebra Assessment Using Lyryx by Bruce Bauslaugh, Claude Laflamme, and Nathan Friess.  The article highlights product attributes in the Lyryx Elementary Algebra Formative Assessment Product, more specifically:
                  (i) The type of formative assessment questions developed and implemented by Lyryx.
                  (ii) The interactive and friendly worksheet interface which allows students to enter multiple answers step-by-step.
                  (iii) The grading algorithms implemented in the Lyryx system that identify and isolate student mistakes to encourage and promote learning. 

Education Magazine is published by Applet Studios LLC (http://www.education-magazine.org/) and features articles on Industry Specific News, Educational Apps, and Lesson Plans for school teachers or professors.  The magazine is distributed on iTunes and can be purchased at the following link:

Lyryx - Better than ever!, July 2013

Lyryx has updated its user interface to use the native web browser technology in several products.  The update has improved stability and performance of Lyryx assignments and will allow students to access their Lyryx Homework on a wider range of devices such as iPads and Android tablets. The following Lyryx assessment products will be available for Fall 2013 courses:
*Larson, Jensen; Fundamental Accounting Principles, Volume I & II, CDN ED
Libby, Short, Kanaan, Gowing; Financial Accounting, CDN ED
Friedlan; Financial Accounting: A Critical Approach, CDN ED
Phillips, Libby, Anderson; Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, CDN ED
Brewer, Garrison, Noreen, Kalagnanam, Vaidyanathan; Introduction to Managerial Accounting, CDN ED
Garrison, Noreen, Brewer, Chesley, Carroll, Webb; Managerial Accounting, CDN ED

Business Math & Stats:
Jerome; Business Mathematics in Canada          
Jerome, Shemko; Fundamentals of Business Math
Doane, Steward, Aneja, Miller; Applied Statistics in Business and Economics, CDN ED
Lind, Marchal, Wathen, Waite; Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, CDN ED
Lind, Marchal, Wathen; Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics

Block, Hirt, Short; Foundations of Financial Management, CDN ED
Brealey, Myers, Marcus, Maynes, Mitra; Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, CDN ED
Ross, Westerfield,  Jordan, Roberts; Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, CDN ED

Guichard, Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Creative Commons License (http://www.whitman.edu/mathematics/calculus/)

Lane, Rice University, Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study, Creative Commons License (http://onlinestatbook.com/)

*The technology updates for Larson, Jensen; Fundamental Accounting Principles, Volume I & II, CDN ED are only available for courses using the 14th edition.  All courses that continue to use older editions are not updated at this time. 

Lyryx To Drop Requirement for Java Plugin, April, 2013

Over the next few months Lyryx will be reimplementing its user interface to use native browser technology rather than the Java plugin.  Details of the transition and its implications for user can be found Here

Lyryx Attends IGRW2013, March 23-24, 2013 - Edmonton, AB

Lyryx attended the first annual International Graduate Research Workshop on Adaptivity and Personalization in Informatics (http://kinshuk.athabascau.ca/igrw2013/), hosted by Athabasca University in Edmonton, Alberta.  IGRW is a unique workshop where researchers and graduate students interested in the areas of adaptive learning, learning analytics, mobile learning, and other topics related to emerging online learning platforms.  This year we were joined by a delegation of researchers and students from Beijing Normal University (http://english.bnu.edu.cn/) to discuss and share ideas in e-learning research and technologies.

Athabasca University holds an NSERC/iCORE/Xerox/Markin Industrial Research Chair in Adaptivity and Personalization in Informatics (http://adapt.athabascau.ca/), where they conduct leading research on the innovative paradigms, architectures and implementations of desktop and mobile learning applications and systems for individualized and adaptive learning.  Lyryx is a proud partner in research at Athabasca University and continues to strive to provide the most innovative learning and assessment tools for students around the world.

Lyryx Attends 2013 Joint Mathematics Meetings – American Mathematical Society (AMS) + Mathematical Association of America (MAA), January 9-12, 2013 – San Diego, CA 

In early January, Lyryx attended the largest mathematics meeting in the world as an exhibitor.  With over 6600 people celebrating mathematics, the JMM provided yet another fantastic place to showcase the Lyryx Service Course Solutions (LSCS).  It was a gathering of leading researchers, innovators, mathematics majors, graduate students, and early career mathematicians and provided a unique opportunity to increase Lyryx’s exposure.   To learn more about LSCS please click HERE.

Thank You From Lyryx – Check Your Mailbox!  January, 2012

In the next few weeks, instructors using Lyryx can expect a Thank You card in their mailbox!  We appreciate the continued use of Lyryx Assessment in classrooms across the continent and wanted to share our gratitude with everyone.  We continue to produce high-quality, online homework assessment products and look forward to serving instructors for many semesters to come!

Lyryx Attends 2012 Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Winter Meeting, December 8-10, 2012 – Montreal, QC

Lyryx attended the CMS winter meeting this year in Montreal, as an exhibitor, to showcase our latest product – Lyryx Service Course Solutions (LSCS).  The conference provided an excellent opportunity to present LSCS and network with the mathematical community!  To learn more about LSCS please click HERE

NEW Lyryx Product – The Lyryx Service Course Solutions!  September, 2012

This fall, Lyryx returned to its roots and launched the Lyryx Service Course Solutions (LSCS), a complete content and support service for Mathematic Courses – specifically in Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Introductory Statistics.  Under the direction of the Instructor, Lyryx works to adapt LSCS to a specific course.  The solution includes:

Texts: Open Texts, Course Notes, Commercial Texts.

Online (formative) Assessment: Authentic Questions, Intelligent Question Generation, Instructive/Formative Grading Feedback, Fair Grading, and Instructor/Analytical Tools. 

Supplementary Materials: Beamer Slides, Solution Manuals, Question Banks, and Exam Templates. 

Instructor + Student Support: Adapting the Course, Multi-Section Management, Teaching Assistant Accounts, Student Registration Assistance, Account Management and Navigation, Course Selection & Changes, and Timely Assistance 365 days a year.

To learn more visit www.lyryx.com/math or contact us directly by email at solutions@lyryx.com or by phone (877) 670-6726. 

Lyryx Launches Assessment Product in LINEAR ALGEBRA!! May, 2012

Lyryx is pleased to announce the launch of its 1st freestanding exclusive product – Lyryx for Linear Algebra! Our latest assessment product is aligned with mainstream Linear Algebra content and allows for truly engaging and rewarding classroom instruction and discussion.

Designed by instructors and students, for instructors and students!

Lyryx for Linear Algebra features include:

We believe Lyryx for Linear Algebra will be significant value to instructors and students around the world!

Please visit http://www.lyryx.com/linearalgebra to try a demo question or contact us at instructor-support@lyryx.com to request an instructor account or one-on-one product demonstration.

Stay tuned for the launch of more exclusive Lyryx products!

Lyryx Launches NEW Products for 2012! April, 2012

We are pleased to announce new Lyryx Assessment products for the following disciplines:

Business Statistics –

Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, 4th CDN ED, by Lind, Marchal, Wathen, Waite

Corporate Finance –

Foundations of Financial Management 9th CDN ED, by Block, Hirt, Short
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 5th CD N ED, by Brealey, Myers, Marcus, Maybes, Mitra

Economics –

Principles of Microeconomics, 4th CDN ED, by Frank, Bernanke, Osberg, Cross, MacLean
Principles of Macroeconomics, 4th CDN ED, by Frank, Bernanke, Osberg, Cross, MacLean
Principles of Microeconomics, 7th CDN ED, by Sayre, Morris
Principles of Macroeconomics, 7th CDN ED, by Sayre, Morris

All Lyryx Assessment products are updated and aligned to correspond directly to the affiliated textbook.

Lyryx Presents Research Paper at Hawaii International Conference on Education! January, 2012

Lyryx attended the 11th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education to present our latest research paper – Practical Online Formative Assessment for First Year Accounting.

The paper presents an in-depth analysis of Lyryx's efforts toward developing online formative assessment in first year accounting courses, specifically focusing on four key areas: appropriate user interfaces, grading algorithms, personalized feedback, and performance analysis.

Lyryx Launches new Assessment Products for Business Math, Financial Accounting, and Managerial Accounting!     September, 2011

We are proud to announce new Lyryx Assessment products in conjunction with the launch of new textbook editions from McGraw-Hill Ryerson Canada – Business Mathematics in Canada 7e authored by F. Ernest Jerome; Fundamentals of Business Math 1e authored by F. Ernest Jerome and Jackie Shemko Financial Accounting 4e authored by Robert Libby, Patricia Libby, Daniel G. Short, George Kanaan, and Maureen Gowing; Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3e authored by Peter C. Brewer, Ray H. Garrison, Eric Noreen, Suresh Kalagnanam, Ganesh Vaidyanathan.

Lyryx Assessments help strengthen students' understanding of course concepts through interactive homework and the immediate, detailed feedback each student receives after submitting their work. These products will all be available for September 2011.

We've Announced a Winner!   October 14, 2010

Congratulations to Daniel Silye for being the winner of the Lyryx Learning Back-to-School Contest!! Thank you to everyone who participated and stay tuned for future contests!

We're on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter!   September 3, 2010

At Lyryx we have expanded our involvement in the social networking community. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Follow us on Twitter for Lyryx updates and helpful, interesting links. Become a fan on Facebook to find out what's new at Lyryx. Using these sites we'll keep you informed and give you resources to enhance your educational practices and to help students learn. You can find the links on our home page or follow the links below!

Lyryx Launches New Website   August 5, 2010

The Lyryx website has a fresh new look! Along with a clean new façade the updated website has efficient navigation, additional company information, and dynamic product pages.

Curious vdisitors can learn more about the Lyryx story, the Lyryx team, partnerships, and specific traits that set Lyryx apart. Images, descriptions, and links accompany each Lyryx product so instructors and students can easily browse through the different subject areas and find more information on each product.

Two distinct buttons on the home page redirect users to their associated login portal for Canadian and American students and instructors.

Finding products and using Lyryx software has never been easier.

New Class Demo Tool   August 3, 2010

Starting in August instructors will have a new tool available on their course page. The 'Class Demo Tool' allows instructors to specify a specific instance of a question to run. This allows instructors to work through problem they want to show in class beforehand, to save time in class and avoid mistakes.

To use the tool, just click the button to open the demo tool page, select a question (similar to when creating labs), and specify which instance of the question to run (1, 2, etc.)

There is also a checkbox that can be selected to force the marker to provide full feedback in questions that normally provide limited feedback in certain circumstances.

Lyryx Learning Launches New Logo!   May 10, 2010

As an innovative company making continual advancements in online learning and assessment, we have updated our logo to match our mission. This fresh image mirrors our progressive approach to online learning. We will strive to make it an increasingly recognizable icon within our industry.


Press Releases

Lyryx Launches Points to Pass™ - A Random Question Generator     June, 2011

We are proud to announce a new partnership with CPAreviewforFREE, to produce premium self-study products for candidates working towards passing the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exam. The following press release was published:

CPAreviewforFREE Launches Points to Pass™ Random Question Generator Unlimited Question Test Bank

Northern Virginia – June 15, 2011 – CPAreviewforFREE, the largest CPA review website to offer free questions, answers and explanations on the Internet, is pleased to announce the launch of Points to Pass™, a premium random question generator created by partner Lyryx Learning, Inc, to help CPA exam candidates pass the CPA exam. With the launch of Points to Pass™ for Financial Accounting & Reporting, one of four sections needed to pass the CPA exam, users benefit by working hundreds of new questions. A user can try again (and again and again) until sure they have mastered the concept. The best way to succeed is to practice, and Points to Pass™ allows candidates to do that for as long as they feel is necessary.

"CPA candidates want to be fully prepared for the CPA exam. Points to Pass™ addresses the concern that every candidate must face: A) They work a question. B) They miss the question. C) They read the answer carefully. D) They think they understand the answer so they want to work the question again to see if they can get it correct this time. However, they already know the answer so it really doesn't prove anything to do the same question again. What they really want is that same question again but with new information and a different answer. Points to Pass™ allows candidates to do that for as long as they want." said Hoyle, co-founder of CPAreviewforFREE and former owner of HoyleCPA Success, a Virginia-based CPA review course. About CPAreviewforFREE

CPAreviewforFREE is the largest online provider specializing in free online CPA exam M/C questions and answers well as premium content to candidates preparing for the CPA exam. Please contact us at info@cpareviewforfree.com for further comments, information or advertising opportunities. Check us out at www.CPAreviewforFREE.com.

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