October 9, 2015 — Fall 2015: Students using Lyryx supported OER save an estimated $714,000

This year OER textbooks backed by Lyryx Learning have reached a new high. With student registration in OER-based courses up over 60% this Fall compared to last year, more students have access to free open source textbooks and our affordable online homework system. Now that we are well into October, we can see just how successful OER adoption is!

Here we show registration numbers in our OER-based courses and total cost savings compared to the previous textbooks and online assessment used at the same schools. It should be noted that the cost of textbooks varies across schools and there are many formats available for students (such as new, used, or rental), so our comparison is against the list price of a hard copy textbook bundled with the publisher online assessment.

Fall 2015 OER Registration
Number of Students Cost Savings
(Intro to Micro/Macro)
4350 $326,000
Linear Algebra* 2370 $255,000
Calculus* 1440 $133,000
Total: $714,000
* We assume that the previously used hard copy textbook can be used for two semesterly math courses.

Registrations in these courses are still slowly increasing, so these numbers will continue to climb. We expect that these numbers will continue to increase massively as our new OER-based products in Financial Accounting and Statistics take off.

April 29, 2015 — Lyryx launches new instructor tools for Open Texts!

New features include the ability add/remove/rename/re-order assignments, and copy assignments within a course or between a courses. The new tools remain easy to use, with a modern feel. More details are HERE.

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