Production and Support Teams

Lyryx products are driven by Subject Matter Experts; these are experienced instructors who not only know the disciplines inside out, but have also taught the subject enough times to understand the needs of the students and the kind of assessment and grading most beneficial to them. An in-house team of developers and project leaders then blend their technical skills with an insight into each subject to produce the high quality final products.

Lyryx understands that education is a 7 days/ week business. For this reason, it has a dedicated group of support staff available every single day of the year! They are there to make sure technology is not in the way of learning, and that instructors have the assistance they need throughout their course.

Executive and Management

Founder and President - Claude Laflamme

Claude Laflamme is a professor of mathematics at the University of Calgary. Besides remaining active in research, Claude is a dedicated instructor and has been involved in software development projects for many years. Thus, it was natural to blend this expertise in creating tools to better support an ever increasing number of students; from which Lyryx was eventually born. Claude is an avid backcountry skier and mountain biker.

Chief Technical Officer - Bruce Bauslaugh

With a Ph.D. in mathematics, Bruce Bauslaugh joined Lyryx from his earlier position as a computer science instructor at Mount Royal College. With his strong mathematical background and deep knowledge in computer systems and algorithms, Bruce has designed and implemented a powerful engine to deliver and support Lyryx products; in particular, providing the most authentic assessment in the business. Bruce is definitely the company's resident cyclist, commuting to work every day of the year!

Chief Operating Officer - Nathan Friess

Nathan Friess has a M.Sc. in Computer Science, specializing in computer security. He has previously interned at Cisco Systems Inc in San Jose, California, where he brings to Lyryx insights into the operations of enterprise level IT infrastructure. Nathan also has an interest in programming for large-scale deployments, and in creating secure, robust and highly scalable systems.

Director of Client Services - Tamsyn Murnaghan

Prior to joining Lyryx, Tamsyn worked with Intertemp International Corp. and Simmons Canada Inc. where she filled various roles in managing a business environment. Tamsyn is a highly driven individual and her management and organizational expertise contribute toward many aspects of our company. She holds a Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge, a Master of Leadership degree from the University of Guelph, and is focused on driving continuous improvement within the office. Outside of the office, Tamsyn manages her home team of two young boys (and husband), and still finds time to play on a number of sports teams.

Advisors and Directors

Robert Farmer - Business Strategy and Board Member

Robert is decorated with an MBA, LLB, and CFA, and is the president of a Toronto based merchant bank. He has ten years experience in the banking and finance field and has negotiated, structured, and managed in excess of $300 million in financing.

W. Keith Nicholson - Editorial Advisor and Board Member

Keith Nicholson is also a professor of mathematics at the University of Calgary, recognized within the mathematics field both as an academic and a technical writer. It is the later skills that brought him to partner with Dr. Laflamme in developing content for an online linear algebra project that paved the road for Lyryx and collaboration with McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Keith continues to serve on the board of directors.
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