Lyryx Learning launches mobile app for Linear Algebra, providing students with another format to master content and track progress. 

Calgary, AB (9/8/2021) – In the spirit of their tagline, open educational resource publisher/ edtech provider, Lyryx Learning, has launched their next innovation toward “advancing learning.” The company has always prioritized formative assessment as the pedagogical backbone of their online assessment technology, and in recognizing the continued need to improve access to educational resources, Lyryx has brought the ability to practice concepts and track progress to a device that’s usually never more than arm’s length away – cell phones. Not only does this allow students to learn “on the go”, but it also offers a format of learning that easily integrates with their everyday lives. 

The Lyryx Mobile App was designed and developed to increase student engagement with Linear Algebra content by turning reading into an engaging activity. Within the app, the course content is “chunked” into small blocks, each with an interactive question, creating a “dialogue” with the learning material. This, along with progress analytics built into the app, creates an almost game-like experience where problems solved fosters a sense of accomplishment and gratification, all in a low-risk environment. 

After conducting a pilot with university students in Winter 2021, the results suggest that the Lyryx mobile app is an effective tool for reading, interacting, and learning Linear Algebra. 


Details of the pilot:  

Course: Linear Methods I 

Students: 700 

Participation grade: 3% 

Result: An encouraging and positive correlation coefficient of .54* was recorded comparing the performance in the Lyryx Mobile App and the final course grades. 

*proportion of successfully completed questions within the mobile app 


The app is now available for use with both Linear Algebra with Applications and A First Course in Linear Algebra. Those interested in learning how to use the app in their courses can contact Lyryx by sending an email to or by filling out their contact form.