January 19, 2017 — TEXTBOOKS OUT – OPEN TEXTS IN

How traditional publishers should be using open technology to support our students and ensure their business is sustainable

Calgary, AB (January 19, 2017) – Yesterday Bloomberg reported that Pearson Plc, an education publishing company, had a decrease of 30% in Q4 for their higher education material in the United States. This may indicate that students are recognizing alternatives to the traditional printed textbook. Over the past ten years, prices on textbooks have risen over three times the rate of inflation.

In contrast, Lyryx Learning, a Canadian-owned open educational resources company, saw an increase of 20% in Q4, 2016. Both companies provide course material for higher education. The difference is that Pearson publishes textbooks while Lyryx provides Open Texts and adaptable online educational resources.

"The education world is changing rapidly. Students can't afford the hyper inflated costs of textbooks," says Claude Laflamme, Founder and CEO of Lyryx Learning. "Traditional publishers aren't reacting fast enough to a changing market where everything is online and accessible to all."

Instructors are also adapting to the students need for change. Deborah Wilson, an instructor at Selkirk College says, “School fees keep mounting for students and we want to help out any way we can.”

Gone are the days of lugging around five expensive textbooks each semester that are never to be used again or sold at a fraction of the original value. Lyryx is innovating and considers students' best interests when developing products.

These are some of the reasons open educational resources (OER) support students learning:

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About Lyryx Learning

Lyryx Learning is an open educational resources (OER) company based in Calgary Alberta that began in the Mathematics department at the University of Calgary. Lyryx was established in 2000 and is supporting Instructors across Canada by sustaining OER and developing adaptable, accessible and affordable resources for higher education. Lyryx provides quality OER, support and service including open texts, assessments, supplements and support in the subjects of: Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting and Economics.

Lyryx offers a modern model sustaining open educational resources, providing excellent material and services at an affordable price to students. We are advancing learning as champions of access to knowledge.

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October 4, 2016 — Update for Fall 2016: Students using Lyryx supported OER save an estimated $1.2 million

"I'm a university student in my first year and after finding out about all the textbook fees that go along with post-secondary, it was really nice to see an open, free digital textbook at no cost."

Calculus student at the University of Calgary

Thanks to Lyryx with Open Texts (LOTs), more and more students are accessing free open source textbooks and affordable online assessment! While last year's cost savings were significant, gains in existing subjects and the addition of Introduction to Financial Accounting and Statistics have resulted in students saving almost $500,000 MORE this year compared with last Fall!

LOTs registrations from this year and last show total cost savings compared to traditional textbooks and other online assessment products.

Fall 2016 OER Registration
Number of Students Fall 2015 Savings* Cost Savings*
(Intro to Micro/Macro)
3970 $326,000 $365,000
Linear Algebra 3803 $255,000 $501,000
Calculus** 1484 $133,000 $176,000
Statistics 532 $68,000
Intro Accounting 562 $67,000
Business Math 139 $8,000
Total: $714,000 $1,185,000
* The cost of textbooks varies across schools and there are many formats available for students (new, used, or rental); our comparison is against the list price of a hard copy textbook bundled with the publisher online assessment.

** We assume that the previously used hard copy textbook can be used for two one-semester math courses.

Registrations in LOTs courses continue throughout the year, so these numbers will continue to climb. Further, our new Business Math and Intermediate Accounting LOTs products should perpetuate this trend in the coming semesters.


March 11, 2016 — Math professor provides open texts to students and instructors across Canada.

Claude Laflamme combines love of teaching with entrepreneurial spirit to produce free online educational resources

Source: UToday @ University of Calgary

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June 2, 2015 — Innovation must become a pervasive part of our university culture

Source: The Globe & Mail

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