Adapted to your course and freely distributed to students!

Open Texts
Open texts are textbooks licensed under an open copyright license, made available to be freely used by students and instructors. They can be further adapted to produce material specific to a given style and course syllabus.

Editorial Services
While there is no requirement that users of these open texts do anything more than download the pdf file and use it for educational purposes, Lyryx provides editorial services to adapt the content and provide custom editions for specific courses adopting Lyryx.

The content of these adaptations can be from any open text already provided by Lyryx, open texts available elsewhere, or even from course notes that may already have been developed by instructors for their courses.

These adapted open texts can be downloaded in electronic format, printed with no restriction, and can be distributed to students at no cost.

Source Code
Lyryx will also provide the original TeX files to instructors wishing to adapt the material themselves.

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