The support you and your students need!

Instructor Support

Getting Started
Lyryx works with instructors to develop a solution based on your needs. This includes adaptation of a text, online assessment, and any required supplementary material.

Multi Section Management
Lyryx works with course coordinators to create consistency across sections and assist in the management of large course logistics.

Teaching Assistant Accounts
Lyryx provides special accounts and support for TAs or anyone else required to monitor the course.

Timely Assistance
Support for instructors is available 7 days/week to provide prompt and efficient assistance.


Student Support

Registration Assistance
Lyryx provides course-specific student registration documents to facilitate student registration, and support is available 7 days/week to ensure students are ready to complete their work.

Course/Section Changes
Understanding the needs of the students, Lyryx can seamlessly transfer a registration from one section to another, including all applicable grades.

Account Management & Navigation
The Lyryx interface is simple, intuitive and user friendly.

Timely Assistance
Student Support is available 7 days/week to provide prompt and efficient service.

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